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If you need to translate Patrones instructions not listed in this site, you can order them!


1. Send the image or text file containing Patrones instructions via e-mail (I don’t keep printed magazine copies). Take a picture with your mobile device, smart phone, tablet, etc. (Select "Large" image size) or digitize the page with a scanner. Please make sure the text is clearly legible.

2. Be sure to specify the pattern instructions you want (name, magazine's issue, year, etc.)

3. Check this site within a week of your request ("Translated"). The translation will be available through a PayPal payment.


So all you have to do after ordering your translation via e-mail
is to check the site within a week for an update like this one:

Patrones - Translations On Demand

Patrones No. 300 Avance Primavera - Jan 2011 / No. 14 SHORT SFERA


Patrones No. 300 Avance Primavera - Jan 2011 / No. 15 ABRIGO MANGO




  • Steps for standard Patrones instructions only.
  • Other documents besides the standard pattern instructions featured in this site are subject to confirmation and price estimates

"Please translate..."






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The translations on this site are unofficial translations of sewing pattern instructions. These translation services are rendered as an independent translator. For further information write to g.infotrans@gmail.com

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