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My name is Ginette González, a native Spanish speaker and professional Translator. On this site you’ll find Spanish-English translations of sewing patterns:

Thank you for visiting! I hope that these translations will help you understand your patterns better.


  • The translations on this site are unofficial translations. The Spanish original of the sewing patterns are published in Patrones magazine copyrighted by © RBA EDIPRESSE, 2008. No copyright infringement intended.
  • The English version of the pattern instructions does not count legally as a substitute for the authentic version.
  • I don't work for Patrones, I'm not their employee, representative or agent and my translation service through this site is rendered as an independent translator.


Download the free .pdf file with the standard instructions that come with every issue of Patrones (“Instrucciones”). Additionally, find some free translated patterns for you to enjoy.


Check the translations already available. Simply scroll down the lists, select the ones that interest you and get access to them through a PayPal payment.


If you need to translate pattern instructions that are not in the list, send the image/text file containing the pattern instructions* via e-mail. The translation will be available through this site within a week of your request.

  • For standard Patrones instructions only.
  • Other documents besides the standard pattern instructions featured in this site are subject to confirmation and price estimates



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The translations on this site are unofficial translations of sewing pattern instructions. These translation services are rendered as an independent translator. For further information write to g.infotrans@gmail.com

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